Yes I Have Tests for Tax Law As Well

In the last couple of weeks I have done a couple of blog posts about my white papers on training your employees. The first white paper I did was just on the concept of providing training and how it was a good idea to test your employees to see exactly what training they may need. But the requests kept pouring in for sample tests to use for this purpose. So last week I provided tests on federal and state wage and hour law. This week I’m going to finish up my three-part white paper series on training your payroll staff with a couple of quizzes on tax. There’s a 25 question quiz on federal taxation including supplemental tax rates, deposit periods, Form W-4, and tax rates in general. There is also a 10 question state taxation quiz. I provide the answers for the federal quiz of course, but the state answers would depend on the state so those answers are left blank. I hope you find these quizzes useful in determining the training your employees need. You can request the white paper by going to my website.


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