WY Adjusts Term Pay Deadline

Wyoming employers must pay an employee who quits service or is discharged, in lawful U.S. money or by check or draft which can be cashed at a bank, no later than the employer’s usual practice on regularly scheduled payroll dates.  The previous requirement was within five (5) working days of the date of termination of employment. The change is due to the passage of H.B. 127 and is effective March 4, 2015. The employer may offset from any monies due the employee as wages, any sums due the employer from the employee which have been incurred by the employee during his employment. The law does not apply to the earnings of a sales agent employed on a commission basis and having custody of accounts, money or goods of his principal where the net amount due the agent may not be determinable except after an audit or verification of sales, accounts, funds or stocks.

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