What is Your CPP Story?

It is the 30th anniversary of the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation.  I got my CPP in 1990 and I need to renew this year.  As I am working on getting my list of webinars and seminars assembled to submit for recertification I keep thinking about studying for and taking the test.  Of course, I have one of those “funny stories” about taking the test.  I herniated two discs in my back two weeks before the test.  Too late to back out and I really needed it.  So I had to have my brother drive me up to the door of the classroom (it was on a Cal-State Campus) and I had to crawl on all fours into the elevator.  I then had to crawl into the testing room and check in all the while on my hands and knees.  I actually took the test on the floor.  APA was so nice to arrange for a proctor so I could take the test on the floor in a separate room (this was prior to the ADA).  There is a funny part of the story as well.  The proctor had a broken leg so when it came time to use the restroom we had to flip for the handicapped stall! Despite all that I passed with flying colors but still wonder how I ever did it.

As I am relating my story I know that there are many of you out there with a similar “I had to overcome adversity or some other situation” story about studying or taking the test.  Or maybe yours is hilariously funny? Either way, how about sharing them here with us?  Let us know the agonies and the ecstasies you went through to get your CPP.

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  1. Vicki –

    I don’t have a funny story about passing the CPP but I do have one about passing the CPA. At the time I took the CPA exam, I had to travel to Baltimore and take the exam at the Civic Center. For some reason, the Civic Center had also scheduled the circus to be in town that week. Have you ever taken an exam with lions roaring and elephants squealing? Let’s just say it was a little disconcerting!


  2. I’m actually pretty darn embarrassed about this, but here goes….I studied my heart out to take the CPP in April and was ready to go at 10pm the night before. I stopped so I could make sure to get a good night’s sleep, gathering up all my papers. I was making sure I had all the paperwork I would need in the morning, looked down and screamed loud enough to wake the dead! The test was that morning, not the next morning! I had completely missed it! Of course, ALL of my co-workers, manager, director and my direct reports knew I was taking it. After crying on and off all night, I sent an “OMG, I can’t believe I did this” text to everyone, mortified. Fortunately, when October came around, I had learned my lesson and I made it to the test location on time and passed!

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