Weekly SUI Catch Up

As promised when I have the room in a blog week I will try to catch up on all the SUI wage bases and rates announcements or other SUI related news that comes across my desk since the previous update has been posted.  So here is what has come in since my last update:

Alaska: The state has announced that the SUI rates will be reduced in 2015 due to a stronger economy and legislation passed in 2013.  The actual rates and the wage base will not be released until December.

Arkansas:  According to my sources Arkansas has repaid its remaining federal unemployment insurance loan balance as of October 1 and will not be borrowing again this year.  That means that employers in Arkansas will see the return of the minimum net FUTA tax rate of 0.6%.

Delaware:  My sources are telling me that the SUI taxable wage base will remain $18,500 for 2015.  The tax schedule will also remain the same with the rates ranging from 0.3% to 8.2%. The special training tax assessment will also continue to be .085% for 2015. The SUI tax rate notices will go out to employers in mid-December.

Missouri:  The SUI taxable wage base will remain $13,000 for 2015.

New Hampshire:  The Governor’s office has announced that a “fund balance reduction” will go into effect for the fourth quarter of 2014.  The result should be a 0.5% reduction in their SUI rates beginning October 1st.

Rhode Island:  The state is announcing that their outstanding federal loan will be repaid before the November 10th deadline.  This will allow the net FUTA tax rate to return to 0.6% for calendar year 2014.

Wisconsin:  rates for 2015 will continue to be based on the Rate Schedule A but will range from 0.27% to 12% for small employers and 0.70% to 12% for large employers.

We should have another update for you next week covering all that comes in after today.



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