We Have Improved Our Blog

In our quest to make getting payroll news updates to you easier and faster we have decided to change the direction of our blog posts.  From today, our news updates will be our blog posts on Tuesday through Friday.  All updates will be entered as a blog post.  Don’t worry we will still send out the news updates via email and post to twitter and linked in.  Our email news updates will contain the main info of the news item and the needed links.  But our twitter and linked in posts will just state the basics of what is being updated and refer to the blog for more info.  For example, we sent out an update for the new California sick leave mandate. We sent out an email update, a twitter update, and a LinkedIn update. Going forward we will still send out an email update with the basic information but the twitter and LinkedIn updates will simply state California mandates sick leave with a link to our blog. We will also be replacing the news page on our website with the blog page. This will allow us to update our website at the same time that we do the blog. This prevents delays in getting our website updated. But more important this allows us to leave updates on our website longer than 2 to 3 weeks. Many of our subscribers have commented on the fact that we only allow a short period of time for each news article to be posted to our website. This will no longer be a problem. All blog updates will be maintained on our website indefinitely. To accomplish all this we had to move our blog from blogspot to WordPress. We appreciate your patience while this change is being made. And we hope you like the new blogs.

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