We Are Offering Webinars Again!

In 2013 and at the beginning of this year we offered webinars on a variety of subjects. These webinars were also approved by the APA for RCHs.  We have always felt that it was part of our mission to bring affordable payroll training to all payroll professionals especially those in need of RCHs. Unfortunately, although we only charged $65 for each webinar instead of the industry standard of over $200 for RCH approved webinars we found the attendance to our webinars totally wanting.  Many even asked why we couldn’t make the webinars free of charge like the ones that I do for some payroll services.  My answer to that is very simple. I am not a payroll service so I don’t have a marketing budget to offset the costs associated with offering a webinar.  But I can reduce the price to cover the costs so as to offer it at the lowest price possible, which is what we did.  But still we did not have the attendees we needed to continue the programs. Please don’t misunderstand, this blog is not about complaining but about explanations.  Because once we discontinued the webinars on our webstore we began receiving emails asking why the webinars were no longer being offered.

In fact, over the course of the spring and summer months we have received numerous requests to offer the webinars again.  In addition, we have also received requests to offer the webinars as on-demand webinars for RCH credits.  We are going to do both. We will offer live webinars and on-demand webinars for the next several months to once again test the waters to see if the demand is there.  As only the second company outside of the APA to offer on-demand webinars for credit, we will be offering 4 on-demand webinars in November and December.  The live webinars will be on a variety of subjects such as child support and multistate taxation and will be submitted for approval to the APA for RCHs.

We are offering our live webinar Understanding and Mastering Child Support for 2014 and Beyond on October 31, 2014.  Registrations are now open. The CD and on-demand version will be available after November 5th.


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