Wage and Hour Review Part 2

This week’s white paper continues the discussion of areas of payroll that need to be confirmed for compliance issues for wage and hour laws. This week we examine such areas as posting requirements, method of payment, reporting time pay, and meal and rest periods.  The only way the payroll professional can determine compliance is by doing the research.  Do I give employees meal periods?  If not, am I required to?  These are the types of questions that must be answered in order to ensure that your payroll is in full compliance with wage and hour laws.  And while our two part series cannot cover every facet of compliance in this area, it is a good starting list for you.  We hope you find the information useful. Just go to our website to order your copy today.

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  1. I requested to automatically receive the white papers but so far have not received any. Do you know how soon after there is a post about the availability of a white paper that I should receive the white paper? My e-mail address is jwebster@pkscpa.com .



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