Virtual Congress…Almost Like Being There But Without Having to Leave Your Office

Every year the American Payroll Association holds its annual Congress.  Workshops, speakers, exhibit halls all loaded with gads and gads of payroll related topics and products.  Five days of communing with fellow payroll professionals and, of course, earning upwards of 25 RCHs towards recertification.  But that doesn’t come cheap.  Congress alone this year is $1,800, not including travel. Plus it is five days plus travel out of the office. So is the purpose of this blog just to complain about Congress? Emphatically NO! It is a wonderful experience and should be attended whenever circumstances allow.  But what about those of us who either don’t have the budget to attend, or in my case, can’t be out of the office for five days plus travel.  How do we get to enjoy this educational and professional experience?  Why by attending Virtual Congress, of course! The APA has offered a virtual Congress for several years now. I have attended 3 of them and plan on attending again this year. In fact, I just registered this morning when registrations first opened up. What does Virtual Congress offer that compares with Congress?  Well just about everything. You have two general sessions, eight 90- minute educational workshops, a virtual expo, great speakers, the opportunity for up to 14 RCHs and of course, virtual networking with hundreds of other payroll professionals. All of this online and in your office.  And you are not in a vacuum while you attend. You can chat and discuss in between workshops just like at live Congress.  In fact, I find I “meet” more people at Virtual Congress than I did at live Congress because of the way the chats are set up.  And of course, I run into long time associates and old friends.

So what does Virtual Congress cost? Actually it is free if you are an APA member. 14 free RCHs and wonderful educational workshops all while staying in your office. It is actually compatible with iPhone and Android so you can attend on the go if you need to. Virtual Congress is being held May 18-19 so register today.  I know you will find it a rewarding experience just like I have.  I can’t wait!


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