Training Your Payroll Staff

There is more to running a payroll department than just producing X number of payroll checks every X number of weeks and passing them out.  Payroll not only has to meet the payday deadlines but each and every paycheck must be 100% correct.  Not just mathematically but it must also comply with every federal, state and local wage and hour or tax law that applies to it specifically.  Of course, we can’t forget that is must be process properly through the payroll system itself to ensure that all wages, taxes, employee benefits, other deductions such as garnishments, are reported and paid according to all the rules and regulations that govern them.  So how does a payroll department, whether it is a party of one or twenty, ensure that it is in compliance with this myriad of laws and regulations?  The answer to that question is actually fairly simple.  Make sure the staff is trained in every facet of their individual job duties and that the training is thorough and current.

But just saying out loud my staff needs training is not going to resolve the issue.  Questions arise as to how to set up a training program. These include:  where do I get this training, how do I pay for it with my limited budget and most critical of all, which staff member needs or should receive training on what subjects?  My white paper this week, that is available on my website, deals with  these exact questions and many more when it comes to staff training.  Please stop by and request your copy today. I know you will find it useful.

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