The End of Our Free News Service is Here

I am sorry to announce but I have decided to end my free blog payroll news update service as of Friday, April 17, 2015.  I appreciate all of those who have signed up for my blog.  I realize this may appear to be a sudden decision, but unfortunately my paid work load no longer permits me to spend the time needed on a free service. However, many of my subscribers have mentioned, over the years,  that maybe I should charge for this service the same as other payroll news services such as BNA or CCH do.  If I did charge a nominal fee I may be able to continue the service.  But the question, is would you who have signed up for the service pay a fee for it?  That’s the unknown. So I have attached a poll to this blog basically asking you to answer this question. If I charged for this news service would you be interested in continuing to receive it?  And what is the price you would be willing to pay?  I am not looking to charge the same as BNA or CCH–$500 per year minimum.  But I am thinking of around $100 which is well below the fair market value for this type of timely update news service, but well within most payroll department’s budgets.  I am still a payroll professional at heart and I want to make sure that what I offer can be afforded by the majority of payroll professionals.

If you could take a few minutes to answer the poll it would be greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately the results of the poll will not affect the outcome of the ending of the free blog service.  It would just affect whether or not I set up the paid subscription service.

Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to assist in my poll.

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    • I don’t have all the particulars yet as I am waiting to see if there is enough interest. If there is I should have something up and running by the end of May. I would of course, catch everyone up on the news that occurred during the down time so you would not be behind on info.


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