WV Clarifies Timing of Payment of Wages

West Virginia has clarified when wages must be paid with the passage of S.B. 318.  Employers must pay employees at least twice each month.  The paydays can be no more than 19 days apart unless there is a special agreement.  The law does not apply to railroad companies and takes effect 90 days from March 14, 2015.

SD Adds Youth Minimum Wage

South Dakota Governor Daugaard has signed into law S.B. 177 which allows employers to pay employees under the age of 18 a reduced minimum wage of $7.50.  This amount is not subject to the annual minimum wage adjustment.  The new law takes effect on July 1.  It also prohibits employers from displacing any employee, including a partial displacement through a reduction in hours, wages or employment benefits, in order to hire an employee at the reduced youth rate.

IL Roth Mandate on Hold

The landmark legislation pass in Illinois making it the first state to mandate that employers automatically enroll their employees in a qualified retirement plan is under review by the federal Department of Labor (DOL).  This, however, was actually part of the legislation.  The Illinois legislators were uncertain of the potential for federal “uncertainty” especially when it came to the responsibilities under ERISA so they required that it be reviewed by the DOL prior to implementing the law which is suppose to take effect on June 1, 2017.  It will be in my blog as soon as the ruling comes down from the DOL.