Wage and Hour Review Part 2

This week’s white paper continues the discussion of areas of payroll that need to be confirmed for compliance issues for wage and hour laws. This week we examine such areas as posting requirements, method of payment, reporting time pay, and meal and rest periods.  The only way the payroll professional can determine compliance is by doing the research.  Do I give employees meal periods?  If not, am I required to?  These are the types of questions that must be answered in order to ensure that your payroll is in full compliance with wage and hour laws.  And while our two part series cannot cover every facet of compliance in this area, it is a good starting list for you.  We hope you find the information useful. Just go to our website to order your copy today.

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Review for Wage Hour Laws–A Good Thing

Knowing the wage and hour laws and applying them is one of the basic requirements of the payroll profession. But whether new to payroll or a seasoned professional the question can arise—what are the laws in effect at this time? Lists, payroll chat rooms, blogs and classrooms discuss this question constantly.  And questions arise every day when new company policies are added or amended. Questions such as:  Are the employees entitled to a break or meal period? Is vacation pay required?   How is on call pay handled? This week’s white paper addresses 23 common areas of wage and hour law that you need to review on your own payroll to see if you are in compliance.  I am not going to provide the answers for you of course.  That would take an entire payroll manual.  Instead I am pointing out the most common areas that have compliance issues and that usually get audited by either federal or state Departments of Labor. This week on Part 1 I will be covering the first 10 areas. Next week, in Part 2, I will be discussing the last 13 areas.  Be sure to request your white paper today by going out to my website.


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WV Clarifies Timing of Payment of Wages

West Virginia has clarified when wages must be paid with the passage of S.B. 318.  Employers must pay employees at least twice each month.  The paydays can be no more than 19 days apart unless there is a special agreement.  The law does not apply to railroad companies and takes effect 90 days from March 14, 2015.

Reference Book Recommendation

I am constantly asked for recommendations for products from webinar attendees and even through e-mails.  These range from reference guides to entire payroll systems. Normally I never recommend products or books or really anything including payroll systems and software. Why don’t I you might ask? Its very simple… I am not paid to do so, so why should I.   That sounds harsh I know.  But I also think it kind of cheapens a recommendation when it is given if that person constantly keeps recommending everything from soup to nuts because they are paid to do so. Though the money would be nice, if I am being honest, but no one has approached me with a check to recommend their product or book or system so I don’t, it’s that simple. Even with that in mind, there is one area that I am asked repeatedly for the same recommendation. This area is  California wage and hour law. I am constantly asked by webinar attendees and others if I know of a good, reliable source on California wage and hour law. Especially lately because of the the new sick leave law that is now effective. The answer is always, yes I do.  So I am going to break one of my little rules and make a recommendation for this one topic…free of charge.  For a top-notch reference on California wage and hour law I recommend the Wage and Hour Manual for California Employers by Richard J. Simmons. The 18th edition has just come out which covers the new California sick leave law and I have already bought my copy (I paid full price like everyone else).  I have used this manual since the early 90s and it has been a staple in my reference library.  If I get a question on California wage and hour law it is the one source I go to.  For full disclosure I do know Richard Simmons on a first name basis to say hello to but that is all.  We have served as speakers for the same conferences and I attend his personal wage and hour law seminars every couple of years to update my knowledge on this difficult subject.  But he has never approached me for a recommendation on his books.  I just use them and I want to pass this along to other payroll professionals who may need a reference guide in this area. simmons

WY Adjusts Term Pay Deadline

Wyoming employers must pay an employee who quits service or is discharged, in lawful U.S. money or by check or draft which can be cashed at a bank, no later than the employer’s usual practice on regularly scheduled payroll dates.  The previous requirement was within five (5) working days of the date of termination of employment. The change is due to the passage of H.B. 127 and is effective March 4, 2015. The employer may offset from any monies due the employee as wages, any sums due the employer from the employee which have been incurred by the employee during his employment. The law does not apply to the earnings of a sales agent employed on a commission basis and having custody of accounts, money or goods of his principal where the net amount due the agent may not be determinable except after an audit or verification of sales, accounts, funds or stocks.