Subscription Blog Update

I am working on setting up the website and the software for the subscription blog. In the meantime I will begin my updates again.  I am hoping for an end of June completion date.  I am opening up the blog for free subscriptions until the new site is ready. Anyone who is subscribed at that time will get the discounted rate.  I will begin catching up on the latest updates today and hopefully will have it all caught up by the end of the month.



3 thoughts on “Subscription Blog Update”

  1. Hi there! I’ve been a fan and subscriber of your blog for quite a while now, and definitely support your decision to turn this into a paid subscription site. Although I work in payroll, I would have to pay out of pocket to subscribe… I was wondering if it will be possible to sign up for smaller monthly recurring payments, or is one annual lump sum the only option?

    Thanks so much for everything! 🙂


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