News Service is Up and Running and Catching Up on Old News!

The Payroll Pause subscription news service is up and running.  Our first news update went out on June 17th.  But because we were not up and running for a month or so we are trying to catch up the news on those days when there are no current updates, like today.  Nevada legislature passed a bill to help fund the education system, SB 483.  This bill makes changes to the Modified Business Tax or MBT.  The changes going into effect include:

  • imposing the tax on the mining employers
  • The rate for non-financial institutions or mining businesses is 1.475% on wages that exceed $50,000

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  1. When I tried to subscribe the last time this e-mail was sent, I ran into a roadblock on the site and could not finish. Has this been fixed?

    Jean Webster


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