New Website by SSA…What’s New for 2022

The Social Security Administration has sets up a What’s New for 2022 internet site.  In it users find links to the tutorial and training package that may be useful for users on SSA’s new Wage File Upload process that will go into production in December 2021. The SSA nows offer a new way to upload W-2 files if it meets the specifications (EFW2).

  • Wage File Upload, available through our Business Services Online (BSO), will process your file and provide results in real-time. You will receive a receipt right away indicating Success or Errors.
  • If your file is rejected, we will provide you the errors right on the screen.
  • You will not receive a Wage File Identifier (WFID) until you have fixed the errors and your file has passed all edits For more information.

For more information, read the tutorial , view the infographic, view the video and, read the training package. (SSA communication, September 30, 2021).

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