Holiday for Humans but Not for Tax Deposits

On December 6, 2014 the White House issued an Executive Order designating Friday, December 26, 2014 as a holiday for federal employees. As a result, with very few exceptions, all executive branch departments and agencies will be closed and their employees given the day off. This includes the Internal Revenue Service. However, even though the IRS employees will be enjoying an extra day off for the holiday it is still business as usual for the taxpayers. Normally tax payments and returns due on a federal holiday are delayed until the next business day. However, the IRS has confirmed that based on its interpretation of the Executive Order, Friday, December 26th does not meet the definition of a federal legal holiday. Therefore tax deposit and return deadlines are unaffected and must be made. The humans get the day off but no rest for the tax deposits or returns.irs building 2



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