Friday is Round Up Day!

When it comes to updates to payroll not all are created equal but all are important–Some, just not right now. Updates to pension plans or the social security wage base—those we want and need to know right now. But other items, I need them but in the next week or so will do. These include items like SUI wage bases and rates, minimum wage updates for next year, and withholding tax tables for next year being released just to name a few. I have already blogged on the fact that I was holding on to the SUI wage bases and doing a once a week blog on them only. But as for the others, well let’s face doing a blog on “the minimum wage increased in Arizona” results in a very short blog. So I am expanding. What will now be known as our Friday is Round Up Day (yes those of you whose childhood goes that far back will remember that from a “certain mouse’s club’s” daily afternoon show) I will list the roundup from the states of such items as withholding tables, SUI wage bases, minimum wage increases or changes, filing electronically changes, same sex marriages updates, etc. I hope you find it informative. If you want these faster than weekly please sign up for our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn updates as it will be posted daily there as they come in.


Alabama: Just a reminder effective October 20, 2014 all employers submitting 25 or more Forms W-2 must submit such information and Form A-3 electronically through the Department’s website. This is down from 50 in past years.

Arkansas: 2015 Withholding tax tables issued and available on the Department of Finance and Administration website

Florida: The minimum for 2015 will be $8.05.

Maryland: The withholding tables will not change for wages paid on and after January 1, 2015. For 2015 employers will use the same fourteen withholding brackets.

Missouri: 2015 SUI wage base and rates will remain the same as 2014, $13,000. The voluntary contribution deadline is January 15, 2015.

New York: Yonkers is revising the income tax withholding tables for wages paid after 1-1-15. The supplemental rates will be:

Yonkers resident: 1.61135%

Nonresident: .050%

The resident rate decreases from the 2014 rate of 1.84704%

copy of rule making

North Carolina: As the result of recent court rulings that overturned the state’s ban on same-gender marriage, the North Carolina Department of Revenue issued a directive providing for new income tax filing procedures for affected individuals. Employers should note that the directive states that North Carolina employees who have entered into a same-gender marriage must furnish to you a new Form NC-4 or NC-4 EZ.

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