Friday is Round-Up Day

Here is the information that came in this week for our Friday is Round Up Day. Remember to get the information as it comes in sign up for our Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn updates.

IRS: Has finalized the Form 8922 Third Party Sick Pay Recap and it is available on the IRS website

California: the state has issued its 2015 withholding tables.

Illinois: voters (over 66%) approved the minimum wage advisory question on the ballot on Tuesday. The measure asked voters whether they supported increasing the minimum wage from $8.25 per hour to $10.00 per hour by January 1, 2015.

Kentucky: 2015 withholding tables have been issued. Available on the Department of Revenue website

New Jersey: Voters in both Trenton and Montclair voted to approve mandatory paid sick leave by employers in their respective municipalities. This brings the total to eight municipalities in the state to mandate paid sick leave. These others are East Orange, Irvington, Jersey City, Newark, Passaic, and Patterson. The new law is modeled after the Newark law that requires employers with 10 or more employees to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per calendar year. Employers with fewer than 10 employees must provide up to 24 hours of paid sick leave.

Oregon: The 2015 SUI taxable wage base will increase to $35,700. This is an increase of $700 over the 2014 wage base of $35,000. However the tax rates will decrease by falling to Schedule 5. 2014 rates were based on Schedule 6.

South Carolina: The SUI wage base for 2015 will increase to $14,000. This is up from $12,000 for 2014. However the tax rates will decrease by 9%.

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