Free Webinars from Coggno in January

I am a training partner with Coggno. Some of my subscribers were lucky enough to get a free training session from them last year.  That was on a first come first get basis and limited to only 25 of you. Well now they are offering all of my subscribers two free webinars this month.  They are:

  1.  Why Knowledge Management Programs Fail: Five Truths You Can’t Ignore on January 22nd
  2. Employee Development is a Big Deal with Big Rewards on January 27th

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Why Knowledge Management Programs Fail: Five Truths You Can’t Ignore

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Date: Thursday, Jan 22nd

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Presented by: Bill Stockton, Co-founder, Klever

Does this struggle sound familiar? “I’m so frustrated. We ‘ve implemented knowledge management tools and processes. We’ve integrated platform to enable knowledge sharing for everyone. But nobody uses it.” You could point to many likely reasons: It’s been all about the tool. No one knows what’s really in it for them. Perhaps they just don’t know how to share. You’ve tried tackling everything at once. It’s all just too complicated.

The fact of that matter is that 50% of knowledge management initiatives fail in the first year, and 75% of organizations abandon the program within three years, according to TSIA’s State of Knowledge Management: 2014 research. But, Knowledge Management doesn’t have to fail.

Bill Stockton will share the five simple truths to make knowledge sharing stick and five keys for turning these truths into practice.

Please join us on Jan 22nd at 1pm EST to know more about Knowledge Management from the experts at GetKlever.

Employee Development is a Big Deal with Big Rewards

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Date: Jan 27th

Time: 12:00 pm EST

Presented by: Cindy Pascale and Kim Egan, Vado Inc.

Organizational development is a big deal – it is at the top of CEOs’ priority lists. Billions of dollars are being spent on development and this number is increasing.

Research studies show that companies that develop their employees and do it well, reap big rewards in terms of product innovation, market share, and efficiencies to name just a few.

During this webcast, we will discuss and demonstrate:

  • The difference between training and development
  • The definition of “scrap learning”
  • How people best develop new skills or capabilities
  • What learners are expecting in their development programs
  • And how to ensure that development will lead to organization success

This joint webcast will be an informative and engaging one hour session on the Best Practices that need to be considered to ensure maximum return on investment for all learning and development activities.

Please join us on Jan 27th at 12pm EST to hear more about these innovative offerings and share your perspectives. Also, the webinar has been pre-approved for one hour of continuing education credits.

Email: to Register for either webinar or both.

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