Final Round-Up for 2014

My office is closing for the holidays at Noon on Tuesday, December 23rd. So I wanted to get out my final update of the year. So for this week today is round-up day.  The following has crossed my desk since our last roundup on Friday.

EBSA: The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has updated its Affordable Care Act web page with the following:

Alabama: The SUI taxable wage base will remain $8,000 for 2015. The rates will be continue to be under Schedule D.

North Carolina: The SUI taxable wage base will increase to $21,700 for 2015.

Oklahoma: 2015 withholding tables issued.

Washington DC: D.C. has issued a draft of the 2015 withholding tables booklet, FR-230.

Unless there is breaking news by noon tomorrow this is our last update blog for 2014.  I will begin blogging and catching up on the news again on Monday, January 5, 2015. I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

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