Contact Congress Now About Multistate Taxes!

As most payroll professionals are aware, having employees who travel to various states can be a logistical nightmare when it comes to taxation.  Even an hourly employee traveling for a two-day training on their payroll software could create a taxation situation requiring hand calculation of taxes, and the employee having to file a non-resident tax return.  This is the mobile workforce we live with today.  And it is getting worse as more and more employees are traveling for their jobs. But you have a chance to do something about this because it doesn’t have to be this cumbersome for payroll if Congress passes the Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act. This bill establishes a 30-day threshold before taxes are required.  This ensures that state and local governments get their fair share of taxes when an employee works in a state on a regular basis, but doesn’t require an employee who only goes to that state for a 2-day conference to pay taxes.   The Government Relations Committee of the American Payroll Association is helping to promote this new bill. It is asking payroll professionals to contact their Senators and Representatives and ask for their support on this bi-partisan bill.  Because they know how busy payroll is, they have made it very simple for you.  All you need to do is to click here. This will take you to their automated page where you just fill in your contact info and it creates the letters for you.  Then your can send as an email or print and mail out yourself.  It even allows you to add your own comments. Let’s help ourselves in payroll by helping to pass this much needed legislation.

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