Coggno Offers $12 Courses

12 dollar logoCoggno is offering selected communication skills courses for the reduced price of $12.  The courses include:

  • Business Communication Skills Suite: How to Communicate Effectively at Work
  • How to ListenSpeak™
  • Dialogue Takes More Than Just Twos
  • How to “Visualize” Reports to Better Understand, Predict and Manage (3 month license)
  • How to Communicate Effectively on the Telephone and in Writing
  • How to Eliminate Mistakes with Operational Definitions
  • How to Listen Actively

For an added bonus there is even one free course! Income Statement Secrets Revealed

These courses are available on our Coggno training page. Just click on the link below and search for the course you are interested in.

Click here to find out more or to register

About the Author:

Dan Strongin is the founder of, an online resource for business owners and managers, dedicated to providing pragmatic, proven, effective solutions to every day business problems.  A Thought Leader in Strategic Marketing and Quality Administration, he has been helping people do better business since 1996. He’s the author of several books as well as online training courses, including “How to Communicate Effectively in Business,” which are available directly from our website.

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