Child Support Lump Sum Reporting and Terminations Can Now be Done Electronically

Reporting lump-sum payments for child support used to be done online through what was called Debt Inquiry Service. Now using the Employer’s Services Web Application employers can report lump-sums and terminations to states quickly and efficiently. Debt Inquiry Service is now known as Lump-Sum Reporting. eTerm allows employers to report termination to participating states electronically. eTerm can also be used to respond to income withholding orders received for individuals who no longer or never worked for your company. This takes the place of completing page 3 of the IWO and sending it to the child support agency. Employers using e-IWO can do both processes through the e-IWO system. For more info about lump sum reporting or eTerm or to schedule a demonstration contact OCSE Employer Services at


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