Friday is Round Up Day 1-9-15 Version

Today is Friday so it is round up day.  This will probably be the last round up day we need to do as most of the states have issued their withholding tables and SUI wage bases by now. So I will go back to blogging them as the info comes in.  So here is everything that came across my desk after Monday’s catch up round up.

Arizona: 2015 SUI wage base remains $7,000.

Oregon: Income tax withholding formula and transit rates for 2015 are released

Rhode Island: Division of Taxation has released the 2015 withholding tables and the 2015 RI Form W-4

Virginia: The SUI wage base remains $8,000 for 2015.

Monday Round-Up to Catch Up

I have returned from my holiday/vacation and am back at my desk.  So I decided to have one round-up of the news today to catch up while I was gone and then one again on Friday to catch this week’s news.  So here is the round-up since I left on December 23rd.  There are a few exceptional items to note.  New York is eliminating the annual notice requirement, Illinois is moving up the due date for Forms W-2 for electronic filers and North Carolina is adding a new NC-4 form for nonresident aliens.

Arkansas: 2015 SUI wage base remains $12,000.

Connecticut: Department of Revenue has released the 2015 withholding calculation rules and tables.

District of Columbia: the Office of Tax and Revenue has released the Draft, Version 2, of the Income Tax Withholding Instructions and Tables for 2015 FR-230

Hawaii: The Department of Taxation has announced that it has adopted the federal standard mileage rates for 2015.

Hawaii: 2015 SUI wage base is $40,900.

Idaho: 2015 SUI wage base is $36,000.

Illinois: Department of Revenue has announced that as a result of an emergency rule filed on December 22, 2014, and effective with the 2014 tax year, employers required to file their Forms W-2 electronically must do so by February 15th not by March 31st as previously required.

Massachusetts: The Department Revenue has finalized the 2015 monthly transportation fringe benefits. They will follow the federal amounts of $250 for parking and $130 for transit passes/commuter highway vehicle.

Minnesota: The Department of Revenue has announced it has revised REV184, Power of Attorney. The Department will no longer accept the old version of the form. It has also eliminated Form REV184a.

Missouri: 2015 withholding tables now available

Montana: The SUI taxable wage base for 2015 is $29,500

New Mexico: The Taxation and Revenue Department has released the 2015 wage-bracket and percentage method tables.

New York: The state has eliminated the annual notice requirement that requires employers to notify and receive written acknowledgment from every worker regarding rate of pay, allowances, pay day, etc. Law also expanded various protections enacted in 2014 but still some technical details for legislature to work out.

North Carolina: Due to recent legislative changes the state has released a new Form NC-4 NRA, Nonresident Alien Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. It must be used in 2015 in lieu of the NC-4 or NC-4EZ.

North Carolina: Supplemental withholding rate for 2015 is 5.75%. This is down from 5.8% for 2014.

North Dakota: The Tax Department has released the 2015 withholding tables

Vermont: The Department of Taxes has released its state income tax withholding tables for 2015.

Wyoming: SUI wage base for 2015 will increase to $24,700.

Our roundups will resume as per our usual schedule as of this Friday, January 9th.

Final Round-Up for 2014

My office is closing for the holidays at Noon on Tuesday, December 23rd. So I wanted to get out my final update of the year. So for this week today is round-up day.  The following has crossed my desk since our last roundup on Friday.

EBSA: The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has updated its Affordable Care Act web page with the following:

Alabama: The SUI taxable wage base will remain $8,000 for 2015. The rates will be continue to be under Schedule D.

North Carolina: The SUI taxable wage base will increase to $21,700 for 2015.

Oklahoma: 2015 withholding tables issued.

Washington DC: D.C. has issued a draft of the 2015 withholding tables booklet, FR-230.

Unless there is breaking news by noon tomorrow this is our last update blog for 2014.  I will begin blogging and catching up on the news again on Monday, January 5, 2015. I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

Friday is Round Up Day 12-19-14 Version

Today is Friday so that makes it Round Up Day. Here are all the items that have passed my desk since our last Round Up Day update on 12-12-14.

Alaska: The 2015 SUI wage base will be $38,700. Employees will pay 0.57%.

Colorado: The 2015 SUI rates will range from 0.78% to 10.20% including 2015 bond charge. SUI wage base will remain $11,800.

Colorado: The publication “Colorado Income Wage Withholding Tax Tables for Employers” (DR 1098) has been updated and is now available on the Colorado Taxation Web site. These tables are valid for 2015 and 2016.

Delaware: The Division of Revenue has issued a calendar showing the due dates for employers for 2015. The calendar covers monthly, eighth-monthly, and quarterly filing periods.

Illinois: SUI taxable wage for 2015 will remain $12,960.

Illinois: The Illinois Department of Revenue released the wage-bracket withholding tables for 2015. They are available on the website

Indiana: The Departmental #1 Notice has been updated. State income tax rate has been reduced to 3.3% for 2015.

Minnesota: Minnesota Revenue has issued the 2015 wage-bracket and computer formula withholding tables. Supplemental rate remains 6.25%.

Nebraska: The Department of Revenue has announced there will be no change in the state’s personal income tax withholding for 2015. The Department will not be issuing a new Nebraska Circular EN in 2015.

New Hampshire: Effective January 1, 2015, RSA 275:37, relative to Equal Pay, is changed and there is a new mandatory poster for employers. The changed text of the Equal Pay law can be found at: The new mandatory poster is on the NH Department of Labor’s website at:

North Dakota: SUI taxable wage base for 2015 will be $35,600.

Oregon: Department of Revenue has issued the 2015 withholding tables.

Pennsylvania: 2015 SUI wage base will increase to $9,000. Employee withholding for SUI will remain 0.07% on total wages.

Texas: 2015 SUI wage base remains $9,000.

Vermont: Department of Taxes announces the launch of VTax, a modern integrated tax system. Conversion to VTax will take place over the next four years. Replaces current mix of three different platforms. Withholding taxes are scheduled to be converted in phases 1 and 2 in 2014 and 2015.

West Virginia: The SUI rates and wage base of $12,000 remain the same for 2015.

Wisconsin: Webinar: Annual Filing Refresher: Join the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for a webinar that will cover a variety of topics on filing 2014 reports including:

  • Filing a Withholding Deposit Report Form WT 6
  • Filing an Annual Reconciliation Form WT 7
  • Filing W 2s
  • Filing a Sales and Use Tax Return Form ST 12
  • Ceasing Accounts
  • Updating profile information
  • Requesting an extension and much more

The webinar will be offered Tuesday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 13, 2015 (the same information will be covered in each webinar) from 9:30 a.m. – to 11:30 a.m. (CST).

If you cannot participate in the webinar, a video replay of the presentation will be available online within a week of the event. To register


Friday Is Round Up Day 12-12-14

Friday is once again round up day. Here is all the news that has passed my desk since our last round up on December 5th:

Hawaii: SUI taxable wage base for 2015 will increase to $40,900. This is up from $40,400 in 2014.

Idaho: The 2014 Idaho State Tax Commission W-2 Electronic Reporting Manual has been published. It is available on Idaho Tax website.

Idaho: State Tax Commission has updated A Guide to Idaho Income Tax Withholding to reflect changes in filing cycles and links. No changes to tables.

Kansas: The SUI wage base will increase to $12,000 for 2015. That is up from $8,000 for 2014

Louisiana: 2015 unemployment rates will increase but the wage base will remain $7,700. Rates will range from 0.10% to 6.20%

Massachusetts: The Department of Revenue has released the 2015 Circular M.

Oregon: The Oregon transit taxes’ rates will remain the same for 2015. Tri-Met will be 0.007237 and Lane will be 0.0070.

Rhode Island: As part of a six-agency task force the Rhode Island Division of Taxation has set up an anonymous telephone tip line to receive allegations of worker misclassification. The tax fraud tip line is staffed by the Division of Taxation. The tip number is 401.574.TIPS or 401.574.8477. For more information

Utah: The SUI wage base for 2015 will increase to $31,300. This is up from $30,800 for 2014. Rates will range from 0.3% to 7.3%.





Friday is Round-Up Date 12-5-14

Today is Round-Up day for all the news that has crossed my desk since our last round-up at the end of November.

  1. California: The Employment Development Department has announced the 2015 unemployment insurance contribution, employment training tax (ETT) and state disability insurance (SDI) withholding tables and rates.   The UI table in effect for 2015 is Schedule F+. The UI and ETT wage base remains $7,000. The ETT rate is 0.1%. The SDI withholding rate is 0.9% and the taxable wage base is $104,378. The maximum to withhold for each employee for SDI is $939.40.
  2. Chicago, Illinois: The City Council has passed an ordinance that will raise the minimum wage for all Chicago workers to $13 per hour by 2019. July 1, 2015 it will increase to $10 per hour. To $10.50 on July 1, 2016. It will increase to $11 on July 1, 2016. Then on each July 1 it will increase $1 per hour until it reaches $13 per hour on July 1, 2019
  3. Kansas: The 2015 income tax withholding tables have been released. They apply to wages paid on or after January 1, 2015.
  4. Maine: The Maine Revenue Services has released the 2015 Maine employer withholding guide.
  5. Maryland: The state’s 2015 SUI rates will show an increase from 2014. Table B will be used with rates ranging from 0.6% to 9.0%. The SUI wage base will remain $8,500 for 2015.
  6. Nebraska: The unemployment tax rates will range from 0.0% to 5.4% for 2015. The wage base will remain $9,000.
  7. New Mexico: The state unemployment insurance rates for 2015 will be computed based on a new benefit ratio system and will increase to a range of a minimum of 0.33% to a maximum of 6.4%. The taxable wage base will remain $23,400 for 2015.
  8. New York: New York has issued the New York State and Yonkers withholding tables for wages paid on or after January 1, 2015.
    1. New York State Tables Publication NYS -50 -NYS
    2. Yonkers Tax Tables Publication NYS-50-T-Y
  9. South Dakota: The 2015 Unemployment Insurance rates are based on a new lower rate schedule and will range from 0.0% to 9.5%. The SUI taxable wage base will increase to $15,000. This is up from $14,000 for 2014.
  10. Washington: The Department of Labor & Industries has announced the final workers’ compensation insurance premiums will increase by an average of 0.8% for 2015. This is lower than the proposed 1.8% increase that was made in September of this year.


Friday is Round-Up Date 11-21-14

Here is our Friday round-up:

IRS: The IRS has issued clarification to the instructions for correcting taxable wages and tips subject to Additional Medicare Tax Withholding on line 11 of the Form 941-X.

Federal Child Support: Recently signed legislation requires that all states offer the option of receiving the child support withholding order electronically. The deadline to have the service set up is October 15, 2015. Currently over 30 states already offer this feature. See our blog of 11-18-14 for more details.

California: The DLSE has released the minimum wage rates that computer software employees and physicians and surgeons must receive to be considered exempt for 2015. The computer software employee’s minimum hourly rate of pay will be $41.27. This is up from $40.38 for 2014. The monthly salary will be $7,165.12 and the annual salary will be $85,981.40. The physician and surgeon’s minimum hourly rate will be $75.19 per hour. This is up from the rate of $73.57 per hour effective in 2014.

California Part 2: The state has released its 2015 meals and lodging ratesca 2015 meals

Colorado: The minimum wage effective 1-1-15 will be $8.23 per hour. Tipped employees must receive $5.21 per hour. Wage Order Number 31 must be posted.

Maine: The SUI taxable wage base will remain $12,000 for 2015.

New Hampshire: The state is the latest that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the federal Department of Labor to share and coordinate enforcement efforts in the area of misclassifying workers as independent contractors. So far 17 states have signed MOUs and agreed to work with the federal DOL to curb misclassification of employees.

New Jersey: Form W-2 and 1099 reporting guidelines for 2014 are now available.

New Jersey Part 2:

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has released the calendar year 2015 employee TDI/FLI and SUI withholding rates. The wage base for 2015 is $32,000. The other taxes are as follows:

  • Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI): employee rate will decrease to 0.25%. The maximum employee contribution will be $80.00
  • Family Leave Insurance (FLI): the employee rate will decrease to 0.09%. The maximum employee contribution will be $28.80
  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI): The employee rate will remain 0.425%. This includes the Workforce Development/Supplemental Workforce Funds surcharges. The maximum employee contribution will be $136.00.

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Ohio: the employer and school district withholding tax filing and payment requirements have changed, effective January 1, 2015. The change occurred on November 13, 2014. Employers are now required to file and remit payment for state and school district income tax withholding returns electronically using the Ohio Business Gateway. This requirement applies to all withholding tax returns that are filed and paid on or after January 1, 2015.

That’s our round-up for this week. We will have another round-up next Friday. To receive the news items as they happen follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Friday is Round-Up Day

Once again, Friday is Round-Up Day.  Here are all the various news releases from the IRS, DOL and the states that have come across my desk this week:

IRS: The IRS has corrected and re-issued Pub 509 for 2015. There were errors in the deposit schedule on page 11. You should download the new version as soon as possible.

DOL: the Department of Labor and the New Hampshire Department of Labor have signed an MOU with the goal of preventing the misclassification of workers to anything other than employees, such as independent contractor. Could audits be on the horizon?

California: The state has released the Method A and Method B withholding tables for 2015.

Kentucky: Updated wage-bracket withholding tables and the computer formula for 2015 have been released and are posted to the department’s website.


  • 2015 withholding tables have been issued and are now available.
  • SUI: The rates will be nudging up slightly for 2015 under Rate Schedule D but the wage base will remain $15,000. Tax rates will range from 0.74% to 6.86% and employers will continue to pay the additional 0.06% Competitive Skills Scholarship Fund surcharge for each quarter.

Maryland: The Comptroller’s Office has released the 2015 income tax withholding percentage and regular methods tables.

Michigan: Effective with the first quarter of 2015 all Michigan employers must file their quarterly contribution and wage reports electronically over the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency’s (UIA) Michigan Web Account Manager.

Minnesota: The SUI taxable wage base will increase to $30,000 for 2015. This is up from $29,000 for 2014.

Missouri: The state’s minimum wage will increase to $7.65 per hour effective January 1, 2015.

Montana: the state has announced its SUI taxable wage base for 2015. The taxable wage base will be $29,500. This is an increase of $500 from the 2014 wage base amount of $29,000.

New Mexico: The SUI taxable wage base will remain $23,400 for 2015.

Ohio: Looks like the SUI rates will be increasing in 2015. The taxable wage base will stay the same for 2015 at $9,000. However the legislature is looking at either raising the rates higher or increasing the taxable wage base above $9,000. So stay tuned for this one.

Rhode Island: My sources are telling me that the state has announced its SUI, SDI and JDF wages bases and rates for 2015. They are:

  • SUI Wage base: $21,200 for 2015. Up from $20,600 for 2014. For those that have an experience rating of 9.79% or more the wage base is $22,700.
  • SUI Tax rates: will continue on Rate Schedule I.

Wisconsin: Publication 117 Guide to Wisconsin Wage and Information Returns has been updated and posted to the department’s website.

That’s it for this edition of Round-Up Day.  Join us again next Friday!

Friday is Round-Up Day

Here is the information that came in this week for our Friday is Round Up Day. Remember to get the information as it comes in sign up for our Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn updates.

IRS: Has finalized the Form 8922 Third Party Sick Pay Recap and it is available on the IRS website

California: the state has issued its 2015 withholding tables.

Illinois: voters (over 66%) approved the minimum wage advisory question on the ballot on Tuesday. The measure asked voters whether they supported increasing the minimum wage from $8.25 per hour to $10.00 per hour by January 1, 2015.

Kentucky: 2015 withholding tables have been issued. Available on the Department of Revenue website

New Jersey: Voters in both Trenton and Montclair voted to approve mandatory paid sick leave by employers in their respective municipalities. This brings the total to eight municipalities in the state to mandate paid sick leave. These others are East Orange, Irvington, Jersey City, Newark, Passaic, and Patterson. The new law is modeled after the Newark law that requires employers with 10 or more employees to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per calendar year. Employers with fewer than 10 employees must provide up to 24 hours of paid sick leave.

Oregon: The 2015 SUI taxable wage base will increase to $35,700. This is an increase of $700 over the 2014 wage base of $35,000. However the tax rates will decrease by falling to Schedule 5. 2014 rates were based on Schedule 6.

South Carolina: The SUI wage base for 2015 will increase to $14,000. This is up from $12,000 for 2014. However the tax rates will decrease by 9%.

Friday is Round Up Day!

When it comes to updates to payroll not all are created equal but all are important–Some, just not right now. Updates to pension plans or the social security wage base—those we want and need to know right now. But other items, I need them but in the next week or so will do. These include items like SUI wage bases and rates, minimum wage updates for next year, and withholding tax tables for next year being released just to name a few. I have already blogged on the fact that I was holding on to the SUI wage bases and doing a once a week blog on them only. But as for the others, well let’s face doing a blog on “the minimum wage increased in Arizona” results in a very short blog. So I am expanding. What will now be known as our Friday is Round Up Day (yes those of you whose childhood goes that far back will remember that from a “certain mouse’s club’s” daily afternoon show) I will list the roundup from the states of such items as withholding tables, SUI wage bases, minimum wage increases or changes, filing electronically changes, same sex marriages updates, etc. I hope you find it informative. If you want these faster than weekly please sign up for our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn updates as it will be posted daily there as they come in.


Alabama: Just a reminder effective October 20, 2014 all employers submitting 25 or more Forms W-2 must submit such information and Form A-3 electronically through the Department’s website. This is down from 50 in past years.

Arkansas: 2015 Withholding tax tables issued and available on the Department of Finance and Administration website

Florida: The minimum for 2015 will be $8.05.

Maryland: The withholding tables will not change for wages paid on and after January 1, 2015. For 2015 employers will use the same fourteen withholding brackets.

Missouri: 2015 SUI wage base and rates will remain the same as 2014, $13,000. The voluntary contribution deadline is January 15, 2015.

New York: Yonkers is revising the income tax withholding tables for wages paid after 1-1-15. The supplemental rates will be:

Yonkers resident: 1.61135%

Nonresident: .050%

The resident rate decreases from the 2014 rate of 1.84704%

copy of rule making

North Carolina: As the result of recent court rulings that overturned the state’s ban on same-gender marriage, the North Carolina Department of Revenue issued a directive providing for new income tax filing procedures for affected individuals. Employers should note that the directive states that North Carolina employees who have entered into a same-gender marriage must furnish to you a new Form NC-4 or NC-4 EZ.