About Us

The Payroll Advisor™ was developed to be your source for payroll training at all levels within the payroll field as well as for anyone who relies on complete, accurate and timely information regarding all aspects of the payroll function.
Our Philosophy
To achieve and maintain an acceptable level of competence within any endeavor requires effort and commitment. To truly become a master of your chosen field demands a curiosity and dedication that brings the science and mechanics of an occupation or craft to a level of artistry. But there is a level beyond that of a master that few in any area achieve. To get here one must have a passion for the field that transcends professional accolades or economic achievement. This is the point where the importance of the activity, the nobility of the work, and the realization that the positive results from your efforts can elevate the entire field. It is from this passion that The Payroll Advisor™ came to be.
Our Mission
The mission of The Payroll Advisor™ is to provide the absolute best payroll training available!  It must be timely, correct, understandable and accessible, and focused on the actual needs of the payroll professional in today’s fast-paced business environment.  This is done chiefly through the internet and other electronic means.
We also offer our high-quality webinars to outside vendors to offer to their clients through their own brand. Ms. Lambert is the speaker for each of these information-packed webinars. Our clients include Aurora Training Advantage, CEU Trainers, Clatid, Compliance Prime, Course Ministry, HR & Payroll Academy, and TCC Events.
Our Beginning
Vicki M. Lambert, CPP began in payroll the old-fashioned way…she was promoted to it because of her integrity, reliability and attention to detail.  But in those days, training in payroll procedures and compliance was almost non-existent.   Very little in the way of payroll training was available to either the new recruit or the seasoned payroll veteran.  The effectiveness of the payroll department was limited to the knowledge and competence of the person in charge and faulty practices were perpetuated via the philosophy of, “…that’s the way we’ve always done it.”   To Vicki, this was not acceptable!
Through her years as a payroll practitioner, supervisor and manager Vicki poured over the ever increasing amount of regulations and requirements established by federal, state and local governing bodies which expanded her knowledge of the field. And by networking with other payroll professionals, legal practitioners and governmental officials she established herself as a respected voice in payroll and became one of the pioneers in payroll training.  After Vicki completed her BBA with emphasis in Human Resources and achieved the Magna cum Laude honor she began her goal to help expand and elevate the payroll profession to greater prominence and ensure that independent, expert and complete payroll training should and could be available to anyone.   As students in college have student advisors, Vicki Lambert became “The Payroll Advisor.”
Our Evolution
Beginning in 1989, Vicki created and presented payroll training seminars that were offered to businesses and individuals throughout the United States.  Her energetic style along with her vast knowledge and experience in payroll made her events highly successful.  Throughout the 1990’s and into the 21st century, Vicki wrote payroll manuals, articles and newsletters for major publishers in the payroll field.  Her research for these works allowed her to expand her knowledge of the payroll profession far beyond previous levels and her seminars allowed her to bring that knowledge to even more businesses.
Vicki’s love of education and drive to expand and elevate the payroll profession led her to develop the Payroll Practice and Management Certificate Program.  This extensive program was created to allow anyone to get the highest quality payroll training available through Continuing Education departments of colleges and universities.  It has been presented at such distinguished schools in the Southwestern United States as California State University, Long Beach; California State University, Dominguez Hills; California State University, Northridge; California State University, Los Angeles; National University, San Diego; Pierce Community College, Woodland Hills; L. A. Mission College, Los Angeles; Irvine Valley College, Irvine; Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa; and Clark County Community College, Las Vegas, NV.
Payroll Training for the Online Era
Vicki was one of the first to incorporate the use of internet based information provided to the payroll professional by government entities.  In the infancy of the government online “message boards” and websites, Vicki often performed as an unofficial yet helpful source of feedback to her contacts at various organizations developing their new online services.
Vicki also saw the potential to make payroll training available through the internet.  In 2001 she adapted her onsite certificate program to create the Payroll Practice and Management Online Program.  This pioneering and dynamic payroll training program was introduced through Chapman University and expanded to many other educational institutions such as Aims Community College, CO; University of Arkansas at Fayetteville; Bucks County Community College, PA; Mount Wachusett Community College, MA; Rock Valley College, IL; Spartanburg Technical College, SC; and University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Vicki has retired from teaching through extended education program and is concentrating solely on live and on-demand webinars.